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Welcome to the page of Ebooks recommended by officestartups: This is a Gift for You: the Alan Twain’s Book about the pronounce and memorization of the 214 Chinese Radicals with Modern Memo Techniques. An important first step to learn the Chinese language

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This first book we want to review is a tool to put in your mental toolbox. By Alan Twain, “Improve your memory in 7 days” is a book for all want to Learn Simple and Funny Techniques to Improve Memory Skills.
Strongly recommended for Students of any Faculty, Technicians, Engineers, It Teaches to Remember permanently Math Formulas, Numbers, ordered Lists, Chinese Characters, everything deserves to be remembered. 

The Techniques described work on Scientific Principles which underlie the memorization processes of our Brain. The author also promotes the funniest ones to make the practice of memory a pleasant process.

The last big chapter is divided in order to Learn All the Techniques into a 7 Days Learning Plan. Click On the image to buy now on Amazon.







The Audio version is available on ITunes with the Matthew Weilding Voice.




You find the Audio version on Audible here

By the same Author of “Improve your Memory in 7 days”, the Book “Learning Quickly”. The principle on which this book is based is: why reinvent the wheel again when we can use studying and thinking methods of the best minds ever lived?
We find many Techniques to increase our learning speed. We learn to structure our Projects with Mind Maps. We learn to Read Faster, Filtering the most relevant information. The Book Teaches You to solve Problems by facing them with Methods and tools designed to simplify the Problem Solving Process. 
The most Effective Methods are described to Analyze Problems, Focus on relevant Aspects and find the most Suitable Solutions, among which the Socratic Method and Feynman’s Method.




Bundle of above Books is available here